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On 11 July 2016, John Harkness couldn’t imagine what was to be. Passing through Paris, the Scotsman thought he’d sat in a cinema.

Until the music started – taking him back 40 years… from Glasgow to Highlands.

The fast rock-movie takes the reader in a race between past and present, until a head-on collision against his deep-rooted notions and the truth.

How could he have forgotten that night ?


« I’ve never gotten anywhere near as far or as high
as when I count the band in and feel what seems like all life itself
and a small flash of eternity pulsing through me »

Basically, the feeling that Springsteen mentions in his memoir is not different from
the fan’s feeling when every concert hits him full face and changes his life thereafter.

That feeling sums up the original idea of this book, arised at the end of the concert
on 11 July 2016 in Paris.

Imagine the chain of 33 songs would tell the life story of one guy, there by chance.

Imagine the incident – that really happened in the course of the concert –
would be linked to his past and would reveal to him a dark side of his life.

John Harkness was born. The lost spectator would watch his all life pulsing through him by 33 pictures, as many flasbacks that blend in with a small flash of eternity.

An original and intriguing story that reinterprets Bruce Springsteen’s songs and
his universe, in a William McIlvanney novel setting.


Already published…

DES BLEUS À LA BELLE ÉTOILE  –  Éditions Salto (2015)
Les Bleus under the star(s)

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On July 2015, Les Bleus are preparing the next Rugby World Cup (hosted by England). The unthinkable is happening.
The French players, the coaching staff and the bus driver disappear. Without leaving a trace. But where is the eighth France squad ?

The adventure of Les Bleus, on the road to the Rugby World Cup
as you couldn’t ever imagine.

A novel only in French.